Happy Korean thanksgiving! Today we celebrate “chusok” in Korea.


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Want something quick and light for lunch? Try one of our express lunch boxes!

See the hot steam coming off the hot, stir fried beef bulgogi!! Yum! Try one of our express lunch boxes today, choose from teriyaki chicken, spicy chicken, beef bulgogi, or spicy pork. Each lunch box comes with steamed rice, potato salad, bean sprouts, sweet and sour radishes and soup. 20120322-112159.jpg

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Clear skies and crisp air with snow covered mountains.


The view of the mountains from the restaurant is spectacular. You can feel the chill in the air with the mountains being covered in snow but the sun sure feels nice and warm!!

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Surviving daylight savings.

Hello to everybody that have survived this past daylight savings adjustment in time. Yes, our time have sprung forward by a whole hour, and it will probably take our bodies a week or so to fully adjust. Don’t forget to eat on the time of the day you should be eating though, instead of just when your body tells you you’re hungry. That should help ease you into the time change and get you into the groove of things smoother!

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With the cold weather, nothing tastes as good as a boiling hot soup!

Have you ever tried a Korean soup dish? With lots of flavor and served hot to keep you warm from the inside out, it’s a great meal to have with the freezing cold weather outside!!

We have soups that are spicy as well as not spicy, so there is something for everybody!

Soups are served with a side of steamed rice and side dishes. Check out our menu for our selection!

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Coming Soon!!

We’re working on our website….thank you for your patience!

Pictures will be posted soon as well!

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